About Qeturah.com

Qeturah is a marketplace for you to discover, connect, and shop for quality brands and their unique products from sellers all over Nigeria.

The heart and soul of Qeturah is our dedication to re-imagine commerce across Africa, empowering small business owners to see the world as their market.


How did Qeturah get its name?
The name Qeturah originates from the Hebrew language meaning incense, or of something sweet smelling; like a perfume. As a brand, Qeturah has been re-imagined to mean creatively connecting our communities.

Who makes Qeturah?
A small group of pretty awesome people! They include our directors, our advisers, our staff, and associates scattered across the countries in which we operate from. Together, we support a community of creative businesses and their customers.

What is it like to work at Qeturah?
Everything awesome and more. Working at Qeturah means you directly affect the lives of thousands of people daily. Whether you create a new product feature, write a blog post, or help someone open a shop, your work has an impact on someone’s livelihood and fosters direct, meaningful connections through the Qeturah community. Don’t take our word for it, ask our team members.
Working at Qeturah is also a lot of fun. Creativity is deep-seated in the heart of our company culture, we put thoughtfulness and craft into everything we do. We encourage every member of our team to think and thrive creatively; without a box.

How does Qeturah make a difference?
Qeturah’s mission is to reimagine commerce in Africa to build a sustainable and lasting economy. We create and partake of initiatives to grow the local communities in every city in which we operate from. We encourage our employees to spend time volunteering in their communities.

How does Qeturah.com make money?
Our business model is based on shared successes; we make money when Qeturah merchants make money. Listing is free, however, we charge a 10% fee for sales completed on our platform.

How can I start selling on Qeturah?
If you want to sell your handmade, crafted, and/or Made in Africa items on Qeturah, make sure they fit into our requirements. Then, visit Sell on Qeturah to set up your shop. It’s free to join and only takes your imagination to set up an international business.

How can I join Qeturah community?
To become a member of our growing community of happy shoppers, create your free account by clicking “Register” on top of this page.

What makes Qeturah.com different?
Be rest assured that we only work with merchants you can trust. Every merchant goes through our thorough vetting process before they can sell on our marketplace. We are also invested in the growth and development of each merchant and we provide additional services to ensure they grow professionally and as a brand.

What is the merchant vetting process and how does it work?
Qeturah vetting process is proprietary and confidential. We make every effort to move the seller through the process as quickly as possible.

What qualities does Qeturah look for when inviting a brand to sell on our Marketplace?
We are looking to build relationships with reputable local brands that provide:

  1. Quality products
  2. Unique product assortment
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. Fast and reliable fulfillment

Who handles shipping?
Every merchant packages purchased items, Qeturah handles delivery. However, to make this delivery process seamless, we have partnered with leading logistics partners who provide fast, affordable, and reliable delivery service locally and internationally. We constantly seek out the better alternatives as they come and connect with them to always ensure our order fulfilment is top-notch.

Am I limited to a number of purchases?
No. There is no limit as to how many items you can purchase on the marketplace as long as the products are available for purchase.

Is it safe to use my Card to Pay?
YES. Every transaction that occurs on our platform is safe and secure. Our partner payment services are very secure and there are extra layers of security that have been put in place. So shop with an ease.

Can I do a Bank transfer (wire transfer) or pay cash on delivery?
No, we currently do not accept bank transfers, neither do we facilitate payments on delivery. Your choice of card payments are however, secured on our website.

Is my profile safe on your platform?
Yes. Whilst we have taken every extra measure to ensure your personal information is secure from bad people, we cannot evidently say that our website can never be hacked. However, we would like to assure you that within the standards of the latest technology in security measures currently available in use, we have your information safely kept away from harm’s way.