Problems with Sun burn? Blemish? Skin pigmentation? Dark spots? Uneven tone? Breakouts? No Problem. At Sahara Sunrise we formulate our products with our customers in mind and the Sahara Sunrise Black Soap Paste with Turmeric & Tea Tree oil is formulated just for you. Sahara Sunrise Black Soap Paste with Turmeric & Tea Tree oil is loaded with lots of wonderful natural products to nourish, repair & protect your skin. The Turmeric, African Sandalwood (Camwood), Tea Tree Essential oil and many more natural ingredients in this soap will fade sun burns, even out skin tone, combat oily skin, dark spots, & premature aging. For that clear skin that glows and is smooth and soft to the touch, Sahara Sunrise Black Soap with Turmeric & Tea Tree oil is exactly what you need. Ingredients: Saponified Palm Oil & Shea Butter, Cocoa Pods & Plantain Husk ash, Turmeric, African Sandalwood (Camwood), Kaolin Clay, Honey, Aloe Vera extract, Distilled water, Tea Tree Essential oil. Directions for Use: Use daily, morning & night. Scoop a small amount (on to a wet sponge) with your index finger, just enough to reach the first indentation on your index finger – this amount is enough to lather your whole body. A little truly does go a long way! Proceed to lather your whole body, including your face, working up a thick luxurious lather as you go. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and moisturize with any of the Sahara Sunrise nourishing butters & oils.


Texture: Smooth paste


African Black Soap With Turmeric & Tea Tree Oil 425g

Price: ₦4,990.00


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