This is the second item in the Sahara Sunrise Black Soap series. It is formulated with Lemon and Honey to help clarify the complexion. It has all the properties of the Regular Sahara Sunrise Black Soap Paste in that it is deep cleansing yet moisturizing. However, in addition, it has Lemon which helps to lighten acne spots and discolorations. With regular use you will notice not only a reduction in breakouts and excess oils on the face but also a fading away of dark spots & blemishes. Ingredients: Saponified Palm Oil & Shea Butter, Cocoa Pods & Plantain Husk ash, Lemon Peel powder, African Sandalwood (Camwood), Kaolin Clay, Vitamin C, Honey, Aloe Vera extract, Distilled water, Lemon Essential oil, Orange Essential oil, Lime Essential oil. Directions for Use: Use nightly. Scoop a small amount (on to a wet sponge) with your index finger, just enough to reach the first indentation on your index finger – this amount is enough to lather your whole body. A little truly does go a long way! Proceed to lather your whole body, including your face, working up a thick luxurious lather as you go. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and moisturize with any of Sahara Sunrise’ nourishing butters & oils. Some people experience photo-sensitivity due to lemon and other citrus products. We therefore recommend that this soap be used at night for best results.


Key Features: Deep cleansing, Fights acne, Blemish control, Tightens pores, Natural


Black Soap With Lemon & Honey 255g

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