Got trash? No problem.We got you totally covered, and stylishly too. You don't have to let gala wraps, banana peels, corn husk or baby diapers mess up your car again. Transafty car trash bags are designed to Transafty auto Car Trash Bags are designed to keep cars floors, seats and cup handles free from unwanted litter; thereby keeping them neat and tidy always. TRANSAFTY trash bags are designed and produced in Nigeria. We have created an attractive way to hide your everyday car trash so your car remains organized. We offer 3 sizes with an adjustable handle to accommodate every car interior. THE BAG: The bag has a round shape with a large open space for trash. It is a sturdy bag. This bag is designed for all that small trash that tends to clutter up your cup holders and such. The bag measures 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall, 9” by 10” and 10.25” by 12.5” for small, medium and large sizes respectively(please allow minor variation in sizes). There is an inner liner and an outer case. The outer case is made of the decorative fabric which is lined with stabilizer for structure and stability. The inner liner is made of a hard pelon stabilizer and is specially designed to stay open for ease of use while driving. Be sure to use the roll of 15-20 recyclable polythene waste bags provided for added protection. Insert the plastic bag and tuck the excess in between the two layers just behind the pelon stabilizer. THE HANDLE - The strap measures approximately 22" long and can be attached in one of two ways: on the side for hanging from a stick shift (automatic or manual transmission) or in the center for hanging across a headrest. Once snapped in place, simply wrap the other end of the strap around the shift/headrest, thread and press. Lift the headrest and adjust the handle with a center release buckle around the metal bars to get a custom fit. The strap attaches with a heavy-duty snap. Push the headrest back down to hold the bag in place. THE LINING –with a standard lining made of designer fabric. Designer Car Trash Bags Good Quality Easy to Install, Uninstall and Maintain Wide range of stylish designs Proudly Made-In-Nigeria Best Value for Souvenirs Fully Customisable



Multicolour Patterned Car Trash Bag

Price: ₦1,500.00


Merchant: TransaftyCC

Class: Readymade

Size(s): free size

Shipping: Ships nationwide

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