Description: Got trash? You've got the right solution. Drive your car in style with the Transafty car trash bags. These car trash bags make great are completely compatible with any car or truck. They come in an adjustable 18' handle. The small bags measures 7.5'' by 9.5'' and are suited for cars that have limited leg room beside the centre console. PRODUCT FEATURES: -Small Sturdy Trash Bag -High Quality Designer Fabrics -Adjustable Length Handle -Standard Lining -For small cars with limited space on the passenger side of the center console. Our CAR TRASH BAGS come in 3 sizes with an adjustable handles and a standard linings. Our multiple sizes are designed to accommodate your specific needs. The car trash bag is a stylish way to hide your everyday car trash so your car remains organized. We offer 3 sizes with adjustable handles to accommodate every car interior. Select from multiple attractive designs that match your style. We can help you determine which bag will work best for your car and you! The bags are made of light-medium weight fabric in multiple colours and designs. Band colors shown are black, but could be fuchsia pink, hot pink, blue, turquoise, etc. You may order these bags for your yourself, your spouse or your friends and loved ones. They make an excellent souvenir option for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Our products are fully customised to make them unique and special Shop from our wide selection of designs. In stock and ready to ship!



Polka Dots Car Trash Bag

Price: ₦1,500.00


Merchant: TransaftyCC

Class: Readymade

Size(s): free size

Shipping: Ships nationwide

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